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Tom Keifer is our guess for an exclusive RMS interview. To read our discussion, click here.

Heavy Metal legends-Judas Priest kicked off their 2014 world tour in Rochester, NY on Oct 1st. For review and photos, click here.

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CD review - Roxie 77 - "Ameriswede" EP

By John Jeffrey
Take some 90's power pop, mix it with some 70's garage rock, and sprinkle in some 50's do-wop, and you'll have a pretty close recipe to Roxie 77's "Ameriswede" EP.  Ryan Roxie has been at the helm of the number one guitar slot in Alice Cooper's solo band for the better part of the past 20 years, and has figured out what Kane Roberts, Vinnie Moore, Al Pitrelli and a slew of other guitar shredders could not.  Being the lead guitar player in Alice Cooper's band is not about cramming as many notes as possible into eight bars of a classic Cooper track or figuring out what the mode of the month is, but it's about being authentic and playing for the song, which is exactly what Ryan Roxie does on the "Ameriswede" EP.

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Interview - Alice Cooper band - Chuck Garric

From Lake Tahoe to "Dragontown," Chuck Garric has been quietly building a resume as one of the most rock solid bass players in the business.  From playing with L.A. Guns and Ronnie James Dio, to becoming a stable mate in Alice Cooper's solo band since 2002, plus stints playing the "Gene Simmons" part in Eric Singer's nod to the 90's version of KISS - in Singer's cover band, ESP, Garric is now breaking his silence.  And he is determined for the world to recognize the talents he possesses outside of the confines of bass guitar.  In addition to switching from four strings to six, Chuck Garric has also assumed the role of lead vocalist and front man, in his relatively new band, Beasto Blanco.
Beasto Blanco was formed in 2012 by Garric and lead guitarist Chris Latham.  Together, they set out to create a live, raw power, rock & roll band that would let them indulge in their influences and imagery that shaped their collective musical background.  To rear the sound out of the Beast, the band hired Garric's Cooper bandmate, Tommy Henriksen, to produce their debut CD, "Live Fast, Die Loud."  Right from the first roar of recording, they realized they were on to something great, as Beasto Blanco is a band that's tapping into a truly unique rock sound - staying true to their old school roots, with a innovative attitude and fresh technology.
Although Garric is currently on tour with Alice Cooper, supporting Motley Crue on their "Final Tour," he's chomping at the bit to unleash 'the Beast' again, once a substantial break occurs in Alice's constant touring cycle.  While on a short reprieve, Chuck Garric granted Rock Music Star an exclusive interview.  During our discussion, Chuck Garric revealed to us what he has planned next for all of his Alice Cooper fans and the Beasto Blanco converts.

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Concert review - Judas Priest / Steel Panther - Main Street Armory - Rochester, NY - October 1, 2014


Review - John Jeffrey, photos - Thomas S. Orwat Jr.

Rochester, NY - October 1st marked the beginning of the "Redeemer Of Souls" tour for British Heavy Metal icons, Judas Priest.  Spending the better part of last week in Rochester, NY rehearsing and preparing for the tour, Priest kicked things off on Wednesday night at the Main Street Armory, playing to a near capacity crowd, as the venue holds approximately 5,000 people.  An unannounced late start had the crowd restless, as the advertised door time was 6pm, and there were many chants of "WTF" being made from inside the non air conditioned Armory.  As the place quickly became a 'hot box' of sorts, not only were there fans losing their patience, but some lost their consciousness, as several people had to be rescued by security and on staff medics.  Those who withstood the heat and the delayed start time were treated to a stripped down Judas Priest onslaught which lasted around 95 minutes, featuring a set of classics, new songs from "Redeemer of Souls," and some revived deep cuts.

For full review and more photos, click here.


CD review - Beasto Blanco - "Live Fast, Die Loud" 

by John Jeffrey
When speaking with one of the greatest drummers in rock and roll about the creative aspect of music - specifically regarding song writing - I learned that at times, there can be a tendency to wear your musical influences on your sleeve.  KISS drummer Eric Singer could not have been more right when it comes to his former Alice Cooper band mate, Chuck Garric, and his new band, Beasto Blanco.

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Concert review - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers- Darien Lake, Darien, NY - September 7, 2014

Darien, NY - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers returned to Darien Lake PAC on Sunday evening for hit-filled, two hour-long performance. This was the 63-year-old, Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee's first performance at Darien Lake since his two shows in 2010. Although this show failed to sell out, possibly due to the high ticket prices, Petty proved to the 13,000 in attendance that he is still a relevant music force, four decades into his career. 

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