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We caught up with Richard Fortus of The Dead Daisies and Guns n' Roses. To read our conversation, click here.

Heart plays a flawless show at Artpark, Lewiston, NY. For photos and review, click here.

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CD review - Ace Frehley - "Space Invader"

By John Jeffrey
Being a lifelong KISS fan is an easy thing to say, but when reviewing a KISS or KISS-related product, sometimes it's hard not to be bias or to be as objective as you should be.  And when Ace Frehley is your number one influence and inspiration as a guitar player, it's even harder to admit that one of your heroes just released a new CD that just doesn't cut the mustard.

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Concert review - Kiss/Def Leppard/Dead Daisies - Darien Lake, Darien, NY - Aug 13, 2014

Review/Photos by John Jeffrey
Darien, NY - KISS brought the legacy of their 40 year recording career and the bragging rights of being "The Hottest Band in the World" to Darien Lake's PAC in front of a packed crowd on Wednesday night.  Arguably, the most iconic band from the 1970's, KISS teamed up with the uncrowned kings of 1980's radio rock, Def Leppard.  While the combination of the two bands looks great on paper, and the pairing of KISS and Def Leppard on tour together has been rumored for years (roughly going back to 2006, when both bands were inducted together into "VH-1's Rock Honors" that same year), seeing these rock and roll giants back to back was nothing short of amazing, and by far, is the best package tour of the year.

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Interview - Styx - Lawrence Gowan

One of the most dynamic and entertaining bands on tour right now is classic rock legends- Styx. The band, which currently consists of classic line-up members Tommy Shaw - guitar/vocals, and James Young - guitar/vocals, along with Canadian progressive rock superstar, Lawrence Gowan - keyboards/vocals, Todd Sucherman - drums, and Ricky Phillips - bass, has been rocking fans all summer long with a hit-filled set list and a high-energy show.

Although the summer might be winding down, one of the most anticipated shows of the season is still to come. On Tuesday, August 19th, Styx will be rocking the music fans of WNY with a concert at the award winning Artpark in Lewiston, NY. A few tickets for this event can be purchased here.

What follows is an exclusive Rock Music Star interview with Lawrence Gowan of Styx. During this interview, we discuss the upcoming show at Artpark, and much more. Here's what Lawrence had to say:

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Concert review - Sebastian Bach - Braun's Concert Cove, Akron, NY - 08-07-2014

Review/photos by John Jeffrey

Akron, NY - Last Thursday night, Sebastian Bach - THE ORIGINAL VOICE OF SKID ROW (as he demands
to be referred to as these days) - performed to what looked like a small, but rabid crowd of approximately 500 "American Metalheads." Although I think Bach's draw on a Thursday (week) night was respectable, the audience seemed dwarfed inside of Braun's massive Concert Cove.  At 44, Bach proved that he still has 'it' and seems to finally have a stable lineup backing him up.  For awhile, Bach seemed to be going through a midlife crisis, as he seemed overly obsessed with having these younger "boy band" type guitar players (first Nick Sterling and then Jeff George).  Wiping the slate clean and only keeping longtime drummer Bobby Jarzombek, Bach brought out the "Big Guns" with the addition of the ever talented Brent Woods (Vince Neil) on guitar and returning on bass was Rob Deluca (Spread Eagle).  The band performed a rocking 80 minute set and was by far the loudest band I've ever heard play at Braun's Concert Cove.

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Interview - Framing Hanley - Kenneth Nixon

Framing Hanley is a dynamic alternative rock band that is hell-bent on making it big. The Nashville, TN based quartet, led by front man, Kenneth Nixon, recently released their third record, ‘The Sum of Who We Are.’ This release is filled with big hooks, intense, passionate vocals, and great well-crafted, melodic rock anthems.

Framing Hanley also has a notorious reputation for putting on a high-energy show, resulting in them winning over music lovers at every concert. Their fan base has become extremely loyal, so much that they help finance the band's new release.

What follows is an exclusive RMS interview with Kenneth Nixon. During this interview, we discuss the writing process in the band, their new album, and much more.

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