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Biff Byford from the mighty SAXON is our guest for an exclusive RMS interview. To read it, click here.

Our newest staff member, Scott Brown travels to Pittsbugh, PA to photograph an evening with metal gods- Machine Head. For photos and review, click here.

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Concert review - Foreigner - Seneca Niagara Casino - Niagara Falls, NY - Feb. 21, 2015

Review and photos by John Jeffrey
Niagara Falls, NY - This past Saturday marked Foreigner's four(th) time they've played in this general vicinity over the past few years, going back to their 2011 breakout tour with Night Ranger and Journey at Darien Lake.  Of those performances, while there were some revolving door situations going in the drum and keyboard departments, nothing was as evident as the limited role at times, and in this case (like their 2012 gig at Lewiston, NY's "Artpark") the absence of the sole remaining founding member, and lead guitarist, Mick Jones.  While some may be quick to crudely call the Jones-less lineup a "tribute" band, you have to keep in mind that not only did Jones essentially hand pick and approve of every member playing in the band, but has performed with them himself for years, some for well over a decade, as guitarist/saxophone player Tom Gimbel is approaching his 20 year milestone with the band, as he joined Foreigner in 1995.

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Concert review - "SnoCore" (featuring: Fit For Rivals, Framing Hanley, Adelitas Way, Flyleaf) - Rapids Theater - Niagara Falls, NY Feb 14, 2015

Review and photos by Scott Brown

Niagara Falls, NY - Valentine’s Day usually means flowers and a fancy dinner.  Niagara Falls, NY got something much better: the 2015 Snocore tour, featuring Fit For Rivals, Framing Hanley, Adelitas Way, and Flyleaf.  A bigger feat was that this show nearly didn’t happen, due to the dangerously cold, nearly 20 below freezing temperatures with wind chill.  The bands took it upon themselves to make the show happen for the fans, and truly make this the SnoCore tour.

For full review and more photos, click here.


Should We Expect Another Godsmack Hiatus?

For much lauded-heavy rock band Godsmack, long hiatuses have become part and parcel of the band’s makeup. After heavy touring schedules drain the band of all their energy, it seems like they seek the tranquility of normal life for extended periods of their careers to keep their sanity. None more so, than singer Sully Erna who has been known to shut himself off from the world for months on end to regain his senses after heavy months of touring. During one of these self-imposed hiatuses from music, Erna decided against shutting himself away and instead pursued one of his other passions in life: poker. In 2006, he began playing against professional poker players in Las Vegas with his first appearance in a regulated World Series of Poker tournament, winning $17,000 in the process. From there on, Erna began playing regularly, placing in a series of notable tournaments thus, for a while, his music career was put on the backburner. Later that year, Erna entered the 5 Diamond World Poker Classic where he finished in second place and took home a staggering $307,000 for his efforts. It was then that the musician finally started to believe in his skills, and people started taking notice of his credentials in the world of poker. During this time, Erna was also making a name for himself on the online circuit where he was playing in many Internet qualifiers that were allowing him a quick passage to some of the World Series of Poker tournaments across the world. He was predominately playing in 5 Card Stud Tournaments that Betfair describes as the earliest form of stud poker, originating during the American Civil War. This became a cost effective way for Erna to reach tournaments without having to go through the rigorous live qualifying stages. One of the most coveted tournaments Erna featured in was the VH1 Charity Celebrity Rock and Roll Poker Event not because it was a regulated poker tournament but because he got to mix it with some of his rock peers. Also playing that day was Anthrax member Scott Ian, as well as a multitude of veterans from the music industry. Ian ended up beating Erna in a heads-up but it wasn’t all bad, as Erna and co. got to donate all their winnings to a string of notable charities. After this run of poker tournaments, Erna then decided it was time to return to his day job, with his latest release coming last year with the acclaimed ‘1000hp’ LP that the band released via Universal Records. The album went on to reach #3 in the Billboard200. But if the rumors are anything to go by, many close to Erna are speculating that the iconic frontman is set to return to the poker arena very soon. So, should we expect another hiatus from Godsmack? Unfortunately, it looks like the cards are stacked against us.

Concert review - Machine Head - Mr. Smalls, Pittsburgh, PA - Feb 7, 2015  

Photos and review by Scott Brown

A rare treat was had on February 7, 2015, at a concert hall just outside of Pittsburgh. Machine Head is out on their “An Evening with Machine Head” tour in support of their chart-smashing album, ‘Bloodstone and Diamonds,’ which debuted at #21 on the Billboard Top 200.  Impressive for a metal band, in today’s music industry which is ruled by Pop and R&B.  Mr. Smalls, the venue, is a reconfigured church, which was the perfect setting for a metal show.

For full review and more photos click here.


Interview - Saxon - Biff Byford

At the age of 64, legendary heavy metal vocalist, Biff Byford, is still creating some of most intense and profound metal music ever recorded. As the leader of the 80's British band- Saxon, Byford has remained true to his original vision, and never compromised his musical integrity for anything; not then, and certainly not now.  Although Saxon wasn't the most popular metal band during the 80's, they certainly left their mark with some great metal anthems, such as, "Denim & Leather," "Princess of the Night," "747 (Strangers in the Night)," and "Motorcycle Man." Byford, with Saxon, helped pave the way for heavy metal music, and influenced many up and coming bands along the way.

Currently, Saxon is one of the most respected and highly regarded bands in metal. Every record that they have released in the past two decades has been top notch; they truly get better and better with every release. In 2013, Saxon put out what many consider their most solid record: the epic metal masterpiece, ‘Sacrifice.’

Saxon just finished up a successful tour of the UK, and will be playing North America this spring and summer. They are a band that you do not want to miss.

What follows is an exclusive RMS Interview with one of metal's MVPs- Biff Byford.

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