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Garth Brooks held a press conference in Buffalo, NY on March 5, 2015. RMS was there to cover it and ask Garth a few questions. To see video, click here.

Garth Brooks plays the first of 6 sold-out shows in Buffalo, NY. We were there for this exclusive coverage. For review, click here.

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Concert review - In This Moment – Rapids Theatre, Niagara Falls, NY - May 15, 2015

Photos/review by Scott Brown

Niagara Falls, NY - Since their formation in 2005, In This Moment have been winning over music fans with their strong gothic metal vibes and powerful lyrics. Ever relentless in touring across the globe, In This Moment again return to Niagara Falls (NY) in support of their 5th studio album, and first with Atlantic Records, 'Black Widow.'

For full review, click here.


Concert review - Red Dragon Cartel - The Forvm, Amherst, NY - April 24, 2015 

Review by John Jeffrey.  Photos by Scott Brown

Amherst, NY - Last Friday night, Jake E Lee's Red Dragon Cartel returned to the Western NY area for the third time within the past 2 years.  Ironically, each visit has featured a different band lineup.  This show featured the RDC core of Jake E Lee and drummer Jonas Fairley, along with new members Anthony Esposito and temporary, fill-in vocalist Michael Beck.  Beck was tapped to perform the first leg of the tour (8 shows), as Jake E Lee has been fighting the stigma of being a show canceler, and decided to fulfill his touring obligations by utilizing a handful of select fill-ins, in hopes that one of these temporary singers will pass 'the' audition period and be "the guy."  Although the original Red Dragon Cartel material (sung by drummer-turned-vocalist Darren James Smith) doesn't seem too hard to replicate, or even the Ozzy material for that matter, it seems to be the daunting task of finding someone with the ability to the duplicate the one of a kind sonics produced by Badlands vocalist Ray Gillen (R.I.P.).

For full review and more photos, click here.


Interview - Points North - Uriah Duffy

Points North is an instrumental, power-trio, consisting of three brilliant musicians: guitarist Eric Barnett, bassist Uriah Duffy (ex-Whitesnake), and drummer Kevin Aiello. Last month, the band released their second recording on Magna Carta Records.  This self-titled record is one of this year's most impressive releases. The band has an undeniable chemistry, coupled with world-class musicianship and well-crafted compositions. Barnett's clean, lightning fast leads and progressive rock stylings, coupled with Duffy's funk and rock influenced bass, results in a truly unique fusion sound.

What follows is an exclusive interview with Points North bassist- Uriah Duffy.

For full interview, click here.


Concert review - Nightwish, Sabaton , Delain - Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY - April 16, 2015

Review/photos by Scott Brown

Buffalo, NY - Power-metal fans packed the Town Ballroom, and were treated to a triple bill of symphonic metal at its finest.  Delain, Sabaton, and Finnish storytellers, Nightwish, would descend upon the sold out concert hall on this night, to an audience of 850.  Observing the crowd, it was readily apparent that the majority of fans were there for Nightwish, with spotty support for Delain and Sabaton.  This writer, in particular, knew what surprises and awe awaited the fans, having seen the support acts on several occasions.  I asked some of the crowd if they had heard of Delain, or the ever hard to follow, Sabaton.  Most said “No.”  I asked these couple of fans to meet me at the end of the show, to give their opinion.  Names to remain anonymous.

For full review and more photos, click here


Video interview - Red Dragon Cartel - Anthony Esposito

In the 1990's, Anthony Esposito redefined the meaning of "cool" for bass players of the Hard Rock genre, while laying down the grooves in Lynch Mob. In 2007, Esposito helped resurrect the waning solo career of original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley, by not only playing bass in Ace's band, but wearing many other hats in the Frehley foundation - including musical director and overseer of finances. 2015 marks Esposito's return to the limelight, as he joins Jake E. Lee's, Red Dragon Cartel. Unfortunately, Jake's own return to the music business has been plagued with nothing but obstacles. From personnel changes to fighting the reputation of being a show canceler, it hasn't been an easy road. With Red Dragon Cartel now featuring the solid core of Lee, Esposito and drummer Jonas Fairley, they are still on the search for the missing puzzle piece, an amazing lead singer. Watch and enjoy this amazing interview with Anthony Esposito as he announces to, the NEXT singer for RDC and much, much more!