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Tom Keifer is our guest for an exclusive RMS interview. To read our discussion, click here.

Heavy Metal legends-Judas Priest kicked off their 2014 world tour in Rochester, NY on Oct 1st. For review and photos, click here.

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Rock Music Star - "Top 10 Rock releases of 2014"

1. Sister Sin - "Black Lotus" - Taking the number one slot of 2014 is Sister Sin with "Black Lotus."  The fact that a band so early in their career can deliver earth shattering metal of this magnitude is simply astounding.  Even within their Euro-metal style, they show the ability to be diverse on "Black Lotus" with killer tracks like the acoustic driven, "The Jinx."  While each of our "Top 10" have great songs and other musical merits, this 'rookie' band amongst it's group of 'veterans' are taking the torch of metal by demand, proving that they are the front runners of the future of this genre.

To view 2-10 of the "Best of 2014," click here.


Interview - Sixx:A.M. - James Michael

James Michael, producer/singer/songwriter, is also the front man for Sixx:A.M., a position he never sought out or applied for.  However, with the group's initial success of "The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack" CD in 2007, the band that never intended to be a "band," has developed a huge fan base and is doing it's best to fulfill the demand of it's faithful followers, by performing concerts around the grueling schedules of Nikki Sixx and DJ Ashba's other bands (Motley Crue and Guns 'n Roses).

Earlier this year, the band released it's third full length album, "Modern Vintage," and while Ashba has some downtime from GNR and Motley has a break in their 'Farewell Tour," Sixx:A.M. is gearing up for some dates in April of 2015.  To coincide with this news, James Michael granted Rock Music Star this exclusive interview, letting all of the Sixx:A.M. fans know what lies ahead.

For full interview, click here.


Interview - LA KISS - Schuyler Hoversten, (co-owner and inaugural Team President)

Staying within the concept of the web site, we generally feature the 'rock stars' who create the 'music' we know and love, but sometimes by being a slave to your own format, you might miss out on discovering some of the key component players, who make things happen behind the scenes.  A perfect example is Schuyler Hoversten, co-owner and inaugural Team President of the LA KISS (arena football) team, who oversees all aspects of the business - including sponsorship, ticketing, and merchandise revenues.  In addition to managing the team’s brand identity and marketing efforts, Hoversten also oversees the LA KISS game day entertainment experience, which is more rock and roll than many of the 'bare bones' concerts you'll see being put on these days by bands from the genre.
Schuyler Hoversten is no stranger to success either, as prior to joining LA KISS, Hoversten oversaw the business development for the Los Angeles Dodgers for four years, tasked with increasing the team's revenue streams.  Under his leadership, the Dodgers set new revenue records year-over-year, in addition to implementing first-ever brand entitlement and activation spaces at Dodger Stadium, including the United Club Suites, Lexus Dugout Club and Ketel One Lounge.  Given Hoversten’s ability to succeed in multiple roles, he became the youngest Team President in pro sports at the age of 32.  As the team’s inaugural President, Hoversten was tasked with building the company from the ground up - in a matter of months - while simultaneously generating revenues.  Additionally, Hoversten negotiated a TV broadcast deal with KCAL, attracted major corporate and strategic partners for LA KISS, created the limited edition series of KISS bobblehead games, and pioneered the non-traditional game day entertainment the LA KISS home games are known for.  With his quick success, he was offered the opportunity to become co-owner of the team on June 4th 2014, making him one of the youngest owners of a professional sports organization.  A 'star' indeed.
Rock Music Star was honored to be given the opportunity to pick Schuyler Hoversten's brain and get his insight on what he has in store for the LA KISS in their upcoming season, and what it's been like managing the team, along with co-owners Brett Bouchy, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.
For full interview, click here.

Video interview - Alice Cooper group - Tommy Henriksen

By John Jeffrey

On October 29th, before a performance in Syracuse, NY, I caught up with Tommy Henriksen (guitarist/songwriter) of the Alice Cooper group for this exclusive Rock Music Star interview. While he's not the biggest "name" in Rock, he is a very likeable guy and very honest, as he discusses all of the guitar lineup changes since joining Cooper and tries to answer why "W2MN" while looking good on paper, did not translate well into a "great" Alice Cooper record. Also talks about his new solo CD, producing Beasto Blanco and mixing Ryan Roxie's new EP and how he would like to produce the next Cooper CD with Bob Ezrin.


Concert review - GWAR - Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY - October 19, 2014

Review and photos by John Jeffrey & Diana MacDonald
Buffalo, NY - When interviewing Dave Brockie (original lead singer of Gwar who died earlier this year of a heroin overdose) for the first time in 2011, it had come to fruition to find out that we shared the same vision on what the future of the entertainment industry will become.  We similarly believed that in the future, they will bring deceased actors and musicians back to life, in movies and in concert, through various forms of technology (holograms, CGI, etc.).  So it came as no surprise that just three years after our conversation that fans would be seeing Gwar perform live onstage, to a tape of the now deceased Brockie's vocals, while video was being shown of Brockie (as his character Oderus Urungus), on a film screen, center stage.

For full review and more photos, click here.