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Read our interview with Rock Music legend, Klaus Meine from the Scorpions! To read interview, click here.

The mighty Van Halen rock Darien Lake, NY. For review and photos, click here.

The Goo Goo Dolls will be headlining this free event. Also, see RMS's John Jeffrey with his KISS tribute band-KISS THIS, performing before the GGD's. For more info, click here.

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Interview - Scorpions - Klaus Meine

On September 11, 2015, classic rock legends, the Scorpions, will be releasing their 19th studio album, 'Return to Forever.'  This 19-song recording came as a bit of a surprise to fans of the band, because in 2010, the Scorpions announced that they were retiring after a two year world tour.  But, sometime during that tour, founding members Rudolph Schenker - guitars, and Klaus Meine - vocals, along with long-time guitar superstar, Matthias Jabs, thankfully, for their millions of fans, decided against that idea.

'Return to Forever' continues the Scorpions streak of outstanding work- going back to their 2007 album, 'Humanity:Hour 1,’ and then the 2010, ‘Sting of the Tail.'  The band is celebrating their 50th year anniversary this year, and show no signs of slowing down.  They continue to be innovative in the studio, and dynamic on the stage.

What follows is an exclusive interview with one of the greatest vocalists in rock music- Klaus Meine.

For full interview, click here.



Concert review - Van Halen - Darien Lake PAC, Darien, NY - August 25, 2015

Review/ photos By Thomas S. Orwat Jr.

Darien, NY - The mighty Van Halen, featuring guitar legend, Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth - vocals, Alex Van Halen - drums and Wolfgang Van Halen - bass, returned to the WNY area, and performed in front of 11,000 music loving fans on a rainy and unseasonably cool late summer evening.  The band is currently touring in support of their recent live record, ‘Tokyo Dome.’  But, for a few days, this concert was in jeopardy of even happening.  Van Halen had reluctantly cancelled their previous concert on Sunday at Hershey Park, due to lead singer, David Lee Roth, being advised by doctors not to perform and rest his voice because he had the flu.  However, miraculously, he quickly bounced back, and became healthy enough again for the band to perform this evening, and continue their tour.   While some may of expected him to give a subpar performance because of his illness, David Lee,  showed no signs of being ill.  He was energenic, performing a solid two hour performance, and was... well he was David Lee Roth!

For the complete review and more photos, click here.


Concert review - ZZ Top - Avalon Ballroom Theater, Fallsview Casino, Niagara Falls, ONT - August 20, 2015

Review/photos - Thomas S. Orwat, Jr.

Niagara Falls, ONT - Over the past few summers, classic rock fans in WNY have been spoiled with dozens of concerts from some of the most iconic bands in rock history.  Last Thursday, the "Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame" Texas trio, ZZ Top, returned to the area again, for the third time in four years.  The band, which consists  of rock royalty, Billy Gibbons- guitar/vocals, Dusty Hill- bass/vocals and Frank Beard- drums, have been going strong since 1969.

For full review, click here.


Interview - Jean Beauvoir

If you read or hear the name, Jean Beauvoir, for most, it may not be a readily recognizable name.  However, if you do some research, you will see that Jean Beauvoir has been involved with the music business for so long, that he's outlived the musical careers of some of the biggest name bands of the 1980's combined.  Beavoir was the leader of his junior high school rock band at 13, which lead to playing dances and clubs throughout the New York area.  And after lying about his age, at 14, he was Gary U.S. Bonds' musical director, and went on to do shows throughout the US with Dick Clark, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry and many others.  Soon after this, he became the youngest lead singer of the doo wop group, The Flamingos.  At 15, he moved to New York City during the punk rock explosion and answered a newspaper ad for a bassist, which led to his joining Wendy O. Williams and The Plasmatics for two albums.  He left the group after their release 'Beyond the Valley of 1984' in 1982, to join Steve Van Zandt's - Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul - for two albums.  Following this, he launched a solo career with the album, 'Drums Along the Mohawk,' released in the UK on Virgin Records in 1986.  That same year, the track "Feel the Heat" was chosen by Sylvester Stallone for his film, "Cobra."  The song was a hit, charting Top 10 across Europe and Australia and reaching No. 73 on the Billboard Hot 100.  Jean Beauvoir's success has always been much greater in the rest of the world than in the US.

For full interview, click here.


Concert review - Slipknot, Lamb of God, Bullet For My Valentine, Motionless In White - Darien Lake P.A.C.- Darien, NY - July 29, 2015

Review and photos by Scott Brown

Summer is the time when concert attendees start to break their piggy banks, scour the house for secret stashes, and run the gauntlet like a rabid carnivorous dog on deadly paper route, in order to attend the biggest,  most gaudy concert tours and festivals. Rumors and whispers had circulated for weeks of what Slipknot; one of the premier shock rock/metal-core bands may do this summer, including talk of the band headlining a major festival. Finally, the announcement came and fans and critics alike were stunned to hear the news of Slipknot headlining their own summer tour titled, “Summer's Last Stand Tour”. A quipping name that could possibly be viewed as a rallying call to the summer's waning days, or something more ominous in reference to the festival season? Only time will tell. Concert goers who are not fans of the ever trendy "festivals" were elated at the news, as they did not have to attend an all day event, in order to just see Slipknot, and possibly have to sit through several bands they have no interest in. Some critics pointed out by going on a headlining tour during the festival season could be committing commercial suicide. Hmmm...However, Slipknot made sure they brought along some heavy hitters on tour with them, as when the concert bill was revealed, it was announced it would include the up and coming Motionless in White, along with Bullet for My Valentine and the mighty, Lamb of God.

For full review and more photos, Click here.