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Year in review - RMS's Top 5 "Rock" releases of 2012


1. Van Halen - "A Different Kind of Truth" - Perhaps the best "Reunion" album to be released by a band and it doesn't even feature the original lineup.  Van Halen proved to the music world that the chemistry between Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth is as potent as ever by creating a record that picks up right where "1984" left off.
2. KISS - "Monster" - Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer find their footing, as they continue to explore the musical chemistry of the current lineup of the band, which is clearly the driving force behind the rejuvenation of their musical inspiration.  "Monster" draws from their roots (ie: Led Zeppelin, Mountain & Humble Pie), culminating in a number of great songs written solely within the confines of the band.
3. L.A. Guns - "Hollywood Forever" - The Andy Johns produced CD shows there is still L.A.T (Life after Tracii) for L.A.G.  For most bands, when losing your lead guitarist becomes the death knell for a group, for L.A. Guns, it seems to have had the opposite effect.  Since Tracii Guns (the band's namesake and founder) left the group in 2002, L.A. Guns seem to be more inspired than ever, and have produced 2 great records in his absence.  2005's "Tales from the Strip" was an amazing effort, and 2012's "Hollywood Forever" is just that much better.  Great production and cool tunes underlining the fact that Phil Lewis & Steve Riley and co. still have the mojo.

4. John Corabi - "Unplugged" - Coming in under the radar as always, John Corabi released his "Unplugged" CD this past November on Rat Pack Records.  One of Hard Rock's hidden treasures, Corabi has one of the best smokey, 'whiskey' voices you will find, which really shines on this all acoustic outing.  Featuring five new original tracks, along with seven re-recorded acoustic versions of classic songs from John's musical past, "Unplugged" successfully delivers these awesome songs in a bare bones approach, without becoming a tree hugging, earth muffin in the process.
5. Sister Sin - "Now and Forever" - The female fronted "old-school" band out of Sweden continues to carry the flag for Euro-Metal with their latest 2012 release.  Taking elements of what made the early Motley Crue records great, and adding the cutting edge, powerhouse vocals courtesy of Liv Jagrell, Sister Sin lives and breathes the raucous spirit of true 80's Heavy Metal and Rock 'n' Roll, without any of the retro, retread hype.  "Now and Forever" continues in the tradition of their previous releases, giving the listener 10 more reasons of why Sister Sin is the real deal.


Concert review - Lamb of God - Rapids Theater, Niagara Falls, NY - November 26, 2012‏ 

Review by John Jeffrey, photos by Diana MacDonald

On this past Monday, instead of staying home and eating leftover Thanksgiving Turkey, RockMusicStar decided to travel to Niagara Falls to feast on Lamb of God. The Richmond, VA band played their closest show to Canada at the Rapids Theater, much to the delight of the fans up north, as Lamb of God is currently unable to perform any shows in Canada, due to lead singer, Randy Blythe's ongoing legal situation (On June 27, 2012 the Czech police arrested Randy Blythe for manslaughter he allegedly committed on stage during a concert which took place two years earlier in Prague. Blythe was charged with committing intentional bodily harm resulting in death, which carries a penalty of five to ten years of imprisonment). The all ages gathering took advantage of the buy one/get one ticket special, which resulted in a near sellout crowd.

For full review, click here.


Interview - KISS - Eric Singer

Eric Singer is one of the most honest, straight forward interview subjects that one could have the pleasure of speaking to. Never shying away from any question, Singer tells it like it is, not sparing any details. Being the drummer for KISS (on and off) for over 15 years, over the span of three decades, Eric knows what it takes to get the job done, and has never lost the appreciation of being part of one of the biggest bands in the history of music. When RockMusicStar recently spoke with Eric Singer, he reflected on "The Tour" with Motley Crue, the writing and recording process of "Monster" (Singer's fourth studio record with KISS), the misconception people have about his approach to drumming in KISS, and also responds to the comments Peter Criss made about him in Criss' autobiography, "Makeup to Breakup."

For full interview, click here.


CD Review - Sister Sin - "Now and Forever"

by John Jeffrey

Sister Sin has just released their third full length CD, "Now and Forever." Faithfully following the chemistry which made their first two releases so great, Sister Sin continues carefully crafting songs which sound like updated, metallized versions of early Motley Crue, with larger than life vocals from the Swedish brunette banshee, Liv Jagrell.

For full review, click here.


Interview - Alan Parsons

Perhaps known as one of the best producers/engineers in the music business, and equally as respected for being the co-founder of the Alan Parsons Project, Alan Parsons is a true legend. Parsons has been active in the music world since 1967, working with a plethora of artists from a producer/engineer standpoint, and has released about a dozen records or so under the "APP" moniker and also as a solo artist.

During our recent interview with Alan Parsons, he revealed to us that while he has pretty much retired from releasing music under his own name (he states he may release an EP of 3 or 4 songs here and there, but is convinced today's music listener does not have the attention span for a CD of 40-50 minutes of music), he will continue working with other artists who inspire him. Parson's most recent protege is a ukulele virtuoso by the name of Jake Shimabukuro. Earlier this month, Shimabukuro released his "Grand Ukulele" CD, which was produced by Parsons (with orchestration by none other than Kip Winger).

As a performer, Parson will continue to tour sporadically as the "Alan Parson's Live Project" (out of respect to deceased "APP" co-founder Eric Woolfson, who passed away in 2010), as he recently finished up a tour of South America, and has dates booked in Europe, which will take him well into 2013. Short and to the point, Parsons was very candid during our conversation, as we discussed his duality of being both a performer and producer, and surprisingly denounced two of the accolades that some may refer to as Parsons' 'claim to fame.'

For full interview, click here.