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Garth Brooks held a press conference in Buffalo, NY on March 5, 2015. RMS was there to cover it and ask Garth a few questions. To see video, click here.

Garth Brooks plays the first of 6 sold-out shows in Buffalo, NY. We were there for this exclusive coverage. For review, click here.

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Uproar Festival - Darien Lake PAC - Darien Lake, NY - August 29, 2012 

Review by John Jeffrey  Photos by Diana MacDonald
Darien, NY - While music festivals are fun for the fans, and the ticket buyers definitely get more bang for their buck, reviewing one, can be rather tedious.  With the daunting task of covering just under a dozen bands, appearing on multiple stages, you can really run the risk of spreading yourself too thin, and perhaps missing out on some of the more important happenings while your attention is being diverted elsewhere.  While it would be easy to write some generic, banal overview of ALL the bands at this year's Uproar Festival (once again being held at the Darien Lake PAC), we feel it better serves our readers to give a more in depth look on the bands we really enjoyed from this 2012 installment.  And while some 'writers' pretend that they like EVERYTHING, the truth is, while in a perfect world, it would be great if every band playing on a festival bill was amazing, in the real world, the fact is, there are going to be some groups that you may not appreciate.  And instead of focusing on all of the negatives from a band I can't stand, I would rather tell you all of the things I did like about most of the bands that I feel rocked!

For full review and more photos, click here.


Concert review- Ace Frehley - Celebrate Erie Festival - Erie, PA - August 18, 2012‏ 

Review by John Jeffrey, photos by Thomas S. Orwat, Jr.

Erie, PA - The last time I had seen Ace Frehley in concert was last year, at the Erie County Fair. This year, the closest concert that was booked to the WNY area was in Erie, PA. Is there something eerie about 'Erie?' As Ace would say, "I dunno?" Regardless of whether or not the Spaceman's celestial undertones influenced his tour routing, seeing Ace Frehley in concert is always a good thing. A great thing is seeing Ace headline the Celebrate Erie festival, playing in front of an estimated crowd of 40,000 people, closing out the 3rd night of the 4 day festival. While Ace has often been described (and even self-described) as being 'lazy' at times, he's worked long and hard to keep his name in the public eye, and after fighting the critics, the nay sayers, and even his former band members for almost 40 years, Ace truly deserves all of the kudos and accolades that come his way.

For full review and more photos, click here.


Concert review - Cinderella - Braun's Concert Cove, Akron, NY - August 19, 2012 

Review/photos - Thomas S. Orwat, Jr.

Akron, NY - Multi-platinum, 80's glam-metal band - Cinderella returned to the WNY area for the first time in over a decade last Sunday night, and played a hit filled, high energy show to over a thousand hard rock music faithful fans in the new and awesome, outdoor Braun’s Concert Cove.  Cinderella, which consists of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Tom Keifer, along with Jeff LaBar - guitar, Eric Brittingham - bass and Fred Coury - drums, have not released any new material since 1994, but have been able to maintain a loyal fan base with their incredible live performances.

For full review, with more photos, click here.


Concert review - BOSTON - Erie County Fairgrounds - Hamburg, NY - August 14, 2012‏

Review by John Jeffrey, Photos by Thomas S. Orwat, Jr.

Hamburg, NY - On Tuesday, August 14, the American rock band bearing the name of the Massachusetts city, BOSTON, played the 'feel good' concert of the summer at the Erie County Fairgrounds. Remembered by most as the band that took 7 years to complete an album (their fourth: "Walk On"), BOSTON is featuring a brand new lineup with newest members Tommy DeCarlo - lead vocals, David Victor - guitar/lead vocals, Tracy Ferrie - bass, along with longtime members Curly Smith - drums, Gary Pihl - guitar, and founding member Tom Scholz - guitar/keyboards.

For full review, click here.


Interview - Andrew Klein - Author of "Randy Rhoads" book.

In case you haven't heard, there is a new Randy Rhoads book coming out this month. Influenced by the "KISSTORY" coffee table book, "Randy Rhoads" is a 10x13 biography/photo book with over 400 color pages dedicated to one of the most influential guitarists in Heavy Metal. Rhoads is to Hard Rock/Heavy Metal as to what Jimi Hendrix is to 'Classic Rock.' And what sets this book apart from all other books on the late guitarist, is not only the size of the book, but the fact that it wasn't written by 'just some writer. '"Randy Rhoads" is the brainchild of 43 year old uber Rhoads fan, Andrew Klein. Along with Randy Rhoads guitar student Peter Margolis and writer Steven Rosen, this is the 'be all/end all' of the literary works you will find on the legendary virtuoso. RockMusicStar was recently granted with an interview with author Andrew Klein, as Klein gave us the full background on the creation of the book, the lengthy process he went through getting the book published, and also cleared up some long standing rumors surrounding the legacy of Randy Rhoads.

For full interview, click here.