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Slayer-Dave Lombardo-Interview interview with Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo
by Deb Rao  
Anticipation fills the air, as two time Grammy award winning Slayer get ready to unveil one of the most anticipated albums of their career, WORLD PAINTED BLOOD. As Slayer approach their 30th Anniversary, the world's top Thrash metal band remain at the top of their game inflicting their ferocious thrash to the masses of die-hard Slayer fans Worldwide. WORLD PAINTED BLOOD, finds SLAYER returning to their old school metal roots with frenzied speed metal of guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman combining with the passionately stampeding rhythm section of drummer Dave Lombardo and bassist/vocalist Tom Araya. SLAYER, who are never afraid to take on controversial subject material, find the band painting a war torn tainted picture of blood stained world as we know it today. You have heard new Slayer tracks "Psychopathy Red". "Hate Worldwide", and now be the first to hear the title track WORLD PAINTED BLOOD streaming on their myspace page today at

 I recently had the opportunity to sit down with one of rocks most talented drummers Dave Lombardo of Slayer at the Mayhem Festival in Boston to discuss WORLD PAINTED BLOOD. Slayer performed that evening to a capacity crowd. It was so exhilarating seeing the band perform in front of a sold out crowd that featured many new Slayer fans plus all the die-hards in attendance. The band performed "Psychopathy Red" that evening in front of an enthusiastic crowd. The execution of SLAYER's performance was flawless.

Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo spoke of the upcoming Slayer release WORLD PAINTEDBLOOD with much enthusiasm. ROCK MUSIC STAR is proud to present an interview with Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo. 

ROCKMUSICSTAR: Dave, tell us about the drumming approach for World Painted Blood. Do you feel it is has more of a punk edge than Christ Illusion? 

DAVE: "Yes, of course Kerry writes more in the metal vein. Jeff is so much more punk. I am from a much more punk side of music, just like Jeff. This record breathes a lot of his side". 

RockMusicStar:  Do you feel that World Painted Blood returns more to the old school roots of Slayer?    

DAVE: "Yes, just like 'Psychopathy Red', I don't know if you heard that song or not? That is very old school. It is absolute punk". 

ROCKMUSICSTAR:  Tell us a little bit about the writing process for World Painted Blood. Was it done more collectively as a band this time around?

DAVE: "Yes, it was collectively. This is what is cool. Jeff would come to the studio with a new piece of music. Of course he puts in on a demo on a CD with a drum machine. We would listen to it. I would make a musical map. My version of song writing, first verse, second verse, third verse and chorus whatever. What is really cool, we would then get together. This would all happen naturally. It didn't happen like I am going to put my cents into this record and try and get my name on it. Nothing like that. It was very collective effort on everybody's part. I was telling Jeff, why don't you duplicate this part? Make it two times at the end instead of one time or three times. We would throw out ideas like that to each other."   

ROCKMUSICSTAR:  What does the title World Painted Blood denote to you?

DAVE: "It has to do with the apocalyptic end of the world thing.  I think that is what Jeff thought."   

ROCKMUSICSTAR: What is the meaning behind the new Slayer single track 'Hate Worldwide'? 

DAVE: 'Hate Worldwide' is a Kerry song. He hates everything." (Laughter)

ROCKMUSICSTAR: You're drumming is so intricate there are so many different structures and patterns. Do you find it a challenge to go from playing in the studio to performing live? Tell us a little bit about the transformation from studio to performing live at the Mayhem Festival?

DAVE: "It is only challenging like the first maybe two or three days in rehearsal.  Where you are shedding all of the cobwebs that you have accumulated probably in six months of not touring. But then we were in the studio but that is not the same. So the hardest part is the first couple days of rehearsal. There really is no challenge." 

ROCKMUSICSTAR:  Dave, Thank you from taking time out of your busy schedule today is there anything else that you would like to add about the upcoming release of World Painted Blood? 

DAVE: "It is absolutely amazing. I have never been behind a record as much as I have been for this one. I am very proud of it and very happy. It's all good. Hope everyone's goes out and gets it."